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Stats/Data Review Panels

Complete run records and statistical data can be reviewed:

  • on-line, using screens like this Daily Records Review panel, or
  • off-line using standard office productivity packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

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Stack View

The Stack View panel gives you an insider's view. Drill down into a stack and inspect the moisture details of each and every sheet to verify your sort parameters. Alternatively, inspect the moisture average, variability, and deviation for the entire stack as a whole, and use this useful data to fine-tune your dryer process!

Settings Panels

Key run-time system settings are organized by function and presented in uncluttered user interface panels. On-screen controls and buttons are designed specifically for touchscreen operation: large, easy to activate, with ample space between buttons.

Auto-Sort Points Utility

Not sure where to start when choosing sort points? Simply activate the built-in configuration utility and the software will recommend the optimal sort points based on a 1000 sheet sample. Use this as a starting point for further optimization!

6 Sheets View*

Watch each veneer sequence in real-time, and see where each sheet is going. Each veneer image is shown, along with the target bin, plus peak and average moisture values.

* 3 sheet view may be substituted on some configurations.

This is just a brief sampling of the software functionality built into every LightSORT™ system.

Also keep in mind that our software has been designed with customization in mind, so if you have specific requirements, feel free to discuss these with us. Our software team will customize* your LightSORT™ system to meet all of your mill-specific needs.

A comprehensive training session and documentation package is included with each installation, so you will be armed with both tools, and know-how. In no time, you will be improving your sorts - and your dryer performance.

*additional fees for software customization may apply.

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