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Team LightSORT™

Key members of the LightSORT™ development team

Brian N. Martin
General Manager

With extensive hands-on experience in both industrial machine vision and photography-based technologies, Brian brings a unique and broad range of creative thinking skills along with innovative leadership abilities to the development and marketing of machine automation products.

Brian has worked and lectured at leading edge companies in many countries around the world; including Germany, China, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Thailand, Canada and the USA. Named on several patents Brian is an innovative leader within the machine automation and process optimization fields, and will be concentrating his talents on the development and marketing of several leading-edge automation products specifically designed for the plywood industry.

Dave Ritter
Senior Systems Architect
& Software Engineer

Dave brings a wide range of software and system development expertise to the Westmill team. An experienced industrial software designer and programmer, Dave is also considered by many as one of the foremost authorities on usability engineering and GUI design issues in LabVIEW context. Well-regarded for his many published articles and on-line contributions, Dave is also the author of two programming books, including "LabVIEW GUI - Essential Techniques", published by McGraw-Hill.

Before joining Westmill and the LightSORT team, Dave was the principal programmer for BetterVIEW Consulting, where he was responsible for developing a collection technical software toolkits. These toolkits are used daily in high-profile businesses and institutions around the globe. The customer list for these toolkits includes such prestigious organizations as NASA, Lawrence Livermore (LLNL), Los Alamos (LANL), Boeing, Carnegie-Mellon University, The University of Illinois, The Salk Institute, and many others.

Ivan Sun, B.A. Sc.
Field Engineering Manager

Ivan brings a wealth of skills within the machine vision field as well as the computer sciences and networking fields. Ivan is a graduate of the UBC Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and had recently been accepted into the UBC MBA International Business Program.

In his former career position at Papertech, he traveled the world extensively, assisting with industrial process control issues through the installation of leading edge machine vision systems. Ivan not only speaks several Asian languages but reads and writes them as well. Ivan will eventually head up Westmill's Asian office, located in Shanghai, China.

Irv Janzen.
Mechanical Designer

Irv came to Westmill in mid-2005 with years of experience in the design and manufacture of lumber and plywood equipment.

Having graduated from BCIT in 1978, Irv has spent the majority of his design career in the wood industry. His expertise has been applied to Chip-N-Saws + bandmills, lumber dry-kilns + thermal energy systems, a patented wastewood burner, and  state-of-the-art end-dogging system. These projects have been based throughout North America and also in the Honduras, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Most recently Irv was the Project Engineer for the design, development and manufacture of Semi-Automatic Lay-Up Lines for a large plywood equipment manufacturer. Installations including Martco, Carter Holt Harvey, Weldwood,  Champion + Evergreen Forest Products. With each project valued on average at $1.2MM USD, Irv’s on-site / hands-on approach was an invaluable asset prior, during and after installations.

We at Westmill Machine Automation are proud to have Irv on the Green Veneer Moisture Measuring System team.

Bill Vanee
Senior Electrical Designer

Bill Vanee is a senior electrical designer with more than 35 years of experience. Throughout his extensive career, Bill's specialization has been machine control for sawmills and the plywood industry.

Some of Bill's many accomplishments include:

  • Control systems designer for the first high speed 4 feeder LVL layup line for Boise Cascade (Lena, Louisiana).
  • Control system designer for Westmill 6-deck dryer, installed at Alberta Plywood (West Fraser) in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Control system designer for Westmill veneer dryer upgrades, and dry-end stackers using state-of-the-art PLC and HMI touchscreen technologies.

With extensive field experience, an in-depth knowledge of stacker controls, PLC programming, and control system design, Bill is an integral part of the LightSORT team.

Team LightSORT

at Westmill Headquarters
in Aldergrove, BC

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