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Once installed, your new LightSORT™ GVMM system will become a critical component within your green veneer production line. With this in mind, we have spent countless engineering hours ensuring that each component of the system has been designed to industrial mill grade specifications. But true customer satisfaction extends beyond built-in quality and system reliability. A solid customer service support system also needs to be in place, right from the point of sale.

At Westmill™ Automation, we do everything we can to ensure that our systems are not the weak link in your production chain. To meet this goal, each system sold includes the following items:

  • Pre-Engineering Site Visit - a Westmill™ specially-trained Field Engineer will attend the mill to assists with the preliminary planning. This includes advice on installation location and reviewing all other plant requirements before the system is built.

  • Pre-Engineering Documents - based on the pre-engineering site visit, a packet of 'pre-engineering' documents will be issued, these include electrical and mechanical drawings required for the mill installation preparations to begin.

  • On-Site Installation Assistance - a Westmill™ Field Engineer will attend the installation and supply assistance to the mill or contractor's installation team.

  • On-Site Optimization - a complete system optimization takes place during the installation to set-up initial green veneer sort parameters and set tolerance levels.

  • On-Site Training - thorough operator and administration training takes place on-site during the installation cycle.

  • Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts - a one (1) year PM Service contract is included in the original system sale, this is two (2) visits at six (6) month intervals. Extended periods are optional, with no limit to the contract length. Upgrade personnel training as well as software upgrades, are included in these extended PM Service contracts.

  • Software Upgrades - upgrades are provided at no cost for the first year and are included in the optional extended period service contracts.

  • Warranty - a standard warranty period of one (1) year begins from the date of installation, and extended periods are available, to a maximum of five (5) years. Consumable parts are not included in the warranty periods, (consumables would include such items as air filters and light arrays) but these can be covered within the optional PM Service Contracts if desired.

  • Technical Support - technical support is available 24/7 from a Westmill™ Field Engineer through the Remote Service Support System built into each system. The mill needs only to supply either a dedicated phone line, or an Internet link into the system for this level of technical support to be available.

  • Office Support - unlimited office support is provided prior to and during installations, as well as unlimited office-based technical support after the installation (as detailed above).

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