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Software System Highlights

One of the keys to improving dryer performance is correctly optimizing the sort parameters at the green end. With existing RF technologies, sort point tuning can be a mix of science, and the black arts -- with a generous helping of trial-and-error mixed in for good measure.

Power... at your fingertips!

With LightSORT™, all sort point tuning challenges become a thing of the past. The full-featured, easy-to-use software system included with every installation literally gives you a window into your sorting process. From the large, "RT" veneer monitor displaying a moisture profile image for every single sheet in real time, to the wide array of touchscreen-enabled software panels included to help you monitor and fine-tune your sorting process, there are tools here to help you understand your sorts like never before!

What's more, sort point tuning becomes a snap, so you won't need to call in the mill electricans every time you want to make a change. With LightSORT™, your mill's quality control officer or green-end supervisor can take control of the sorting process, making sort point changes on the fly, while carefully tracking the results using a variety of on-screen and offline analysis tools.

The Hardware Platform

Each LightSORT™, system is delivered with a self-contained cabinet containing all the necessary computer and electrical hardware. The software is pre-configured for your mill (i.e. number of bins, species and peel thicknesses options, preferred sort criteria, and so on), and following a brief installation and configuration cycle, the system is ready to run. The LightSORT™ cabinet is equipped with a generous 19" touch-screen monitor to provide a clutter-free work area and a transparent user experience. And with the optional networking package, we can add the LightSORT™ into your mill network for greater flexibility and increased monitoring and analysis opportunities.

Software Screen Shots

Here is a quick visual tour of the software's key user interface panels:

Main Panel

All critical operating parameters are visible at all times from the main HMI User Interface Screen.

Click on the image to see a map of the key features

Click the image for a larger view
and map of key features

Main Panel - Graph Detail

At-a-glance details about each sheet can be found in the large Ribbon Profile graph, including the peak and average moisture readings, and the target bin for that sheet.

Sort Points Editor Panel - Highlights
  • The graphical Sort Points Editor Panel provides visual feedback as sort point changes are made.
  • The real-time graph display provides a interactive preview of sort changes using actual run data.
  • An unlimited number of sorts recipes can be saved as either default values, or as named presets that can be saved and recalled later.

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