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LightSORT™ in the News

Although the LightSORT™ is still reletively new, it has already appeared in a number of news and high-profile magazine articles. Here is small sampling of the coverage that has been generated so far.

Specialty Wood Journal, Nov/Dec 2006 (Vol. 9 No. 6)

Cover Story:

"Advanced Moisture Content Sort System Implemented at Tolko Kelowna"
by Gunnar Mardon

Read the article on-line here

See this issue's cover

Canadian Wood Products, Sept/Oct 2006

"Getting it Light"
by Bill Tice

Read the article on-line here

The Vancouver Sun, March 19, 2005

"Local Firm wins award for veneer-drying technology"
by Jenny Lee

Opening sentence:

"A Vancouver-based firm has won a Canada Energy Efficiency Award for developing a technology that can save plywood manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on the cost of drying the veneer that makes up their product... (etc.)"

(No online source located for the article.
Please contact Westmill for more information or a hard copy.)

Watch for additional articles - coming soon.

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