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See into your veneer stacks like never before
At-a-Glance Inventory Management

Large, color-coded stack labels are one of the key elements in the LightMARKTM system. The labels are designed to help you visually organize your yard inventory and streamline your green veneer handling processes.

With the assistance of LightMARKTM labels, your inventory system can maintain multiple stack groupings based on very specific moisture content data. Rather than simply grouping stacks according to a few broadly defined grades (Sap, Medium Sap, Heartwood, etc.), you now have the option of sub-dividing each of these grades, and grouping stacks together based on the actual moisture content data for each stack.

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  • Color-coded stack labels help with yard inventory management.

  • Plant managers can evaluate inventory levels visually in an instant!

  • Forklift operators can locate specific loads quickly and accurately.
For example, if you traditionally classify your veneer in three grades, such as Sap, Medium Sap, and Heartwood, you now have the opportunity to divide up each of these three main grades into multiple subgroups.

For instance:

Heart 1 -- LightSORTTM MC averages < 12

Heart 2 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 12-14

Heart 3 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 15-17

Med. Sap 1 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 18-25

Med. Sap 2 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 26-30

Med. Sap 3 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 31-39

Sap 1 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 40-60

Sap 2 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 61-85

Sap 2 -- LightSORTTM MC averages 85+
Obviously, these subgroups could be further subdivided as appropriate for your requirements.

Stack color codes can be defined based on bin, grade or subgrouping. The visual feedback provided by the color-coded labels provides at-a-glance inventory verification, assists handling tasks, and reduces the potential for handling errors.

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